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Aviya vs. The Competition- We Built a Better Mattress & Priced it the Same
Aviya offers the best springs available

Aviya uses a wrapped coil innerspring unit – the most comfortable and most expensive to manufacture of all innerspring systems available. Competitors use combinations of two lower quality spring units in their “dual coil” construction or other lower quality constructions. Bonnell springs are often in these mattresses and are one of the least expensive spring used in mattress production. These springs are typically found in mattresses that retail for $299-399. Low profile coils and shorter wrapped coils (about 3-4” tall) are often used to replace foam materials and create a "bouncy" feel.

Our individually wrapped innerspring core is the best, and most expensive, spring technology available.
Full depth innerspring vs. dual coil construction

Aviya’s full depth, 8” innerspring unit topped with high-density foam is a more comfortable and supportive combination of materials than dual coil construction. Two spring units is a great way to market the mattresses as having a higher coil count, but a coil count alone does not serve as an indicator of the quality of a mattress.

Pillow Top Problems

Competitors use a pillow top in its construction, which is much more prone to sagging and softening over time than the foam comfort layers in the Aviya. Our mattress was designed to last and deliver a sag-less sleep night after night. And to back it up we offer a 10 year 1” indentation warranty. 

Foam Quality

Aviya uses high density, 1.8 pcf foam – this is upholstery grade and unheard of in almost any mattress, let alone at prices under $1000. Many competitors won’t disclose the specs on the foam that it uses in their mattresses.


Many competitors boast a 15-year warranty, but only the first 2 years of the warranty are non-prorated or it is not a full replacement warranty. Aviya’s warranty is non-prorated for the full 10 years. Meaning we’ll replace a whole mattress, not just part of one.

FREE Trial Period

Aviya doesn’t charge for delivery and there is no additional fees if you decide to return your mattress during the trial period – you’ll receive a full refund of your purchase. Many competitors charges a mandatory $99 for delivery and does not refund the fee if you return the mattress during the trial period.


All Aviya products are made by us in one factory facility by our team of skilled employees. Many competitors uses a network of third party contractors in different locations across the country.

A Stronger Foundation

The Aviya foundation is a heavy duty construction that uses 12 cross slats, each at 2.5” wide (versus the industry standard 1.5”). Many competitors only uses 5-7 cross slats in their foundation. They may also charge an upcharge for their split foundations while Aviya offers it as a standard option with no additional fee.

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