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The problem was an affordable, high quality, innerspring mattress didn’t exist for purchase online. There were others, but quality was low and so was service.

We’re not mattress people, we’re real people, and when we went to buy a mattress the process was confusing, the sales guys were annoying and we were not sure what we needed. We looked online and found a ton of foam-only mattress brands but knew a foam-only mattress wasn’t what we wanted. We tried those and were disappointed for many reasons. A few companies made innerspring mattresses and offered them online, but we knew we could make a better mattress and sell it for the same price. So we did.

We built them ourselves in the USA (Ohio to be exact).

We found a master mattress craftsmen and together designed and developed the most comfortable and affordable innerspring matress we could. We used nothing but high quality materials, high density foams and individually wrapped innerspring coils.

Then we took out the extra overhead of retail stores and salespeople.

The result?

An affordable innerspring mattress delivered direct to your door starting at just $699.
And well-rested customers with extra vacation money.

We love sleep and vacations, so we call that a success.

Let Nick tell you more about aviya.

Nick Nolan // Partner at Aviya

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Every customer must be 100% happy.

When you buy an aviya mattress you know we have your best intentions in mind.
If you don’t love your mattress, then send it back. No strings attached (only springs.)

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