Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Aviya?

    Aviya is a division of our family-owned mattress manufacturing company that has been in business for more than 75 years. We used our years of experience to develop a high quality, comfortable, long-lasting mattress at an affordable price. A mattress we feel is the best value you'll find anywhere, online or offline.

  • How long have you been in business making mattresses?

    Our expert mattress craftsmen have over 75 years in mattress building, bring all these years of experience to Aviya.

  • Where are Aviya mattresses made?

    Every Aviya mattress and foundation are made in our Ohio factory. To deliver consistent quality we use only one factory and never outsource to other manufacturers like many of our competitors do.

  • What’s different about your mattress versus other online mattress products?

    Almost all of our online competitors make an all-foam mattress, shrink wrap it to a fraction of its normal size, and pack it into a box. This is certainly not because this process produces a better mattress – in our mind, quite to the contrary. Perhaps the motivation is to save a substantial amount of money on shipping costs (as much as 80%-90% less than the cost of shipping a full size mattress).

  • Can I find an Aviya mattress in a retail store?

    No. Aviya is only sold on our website and is not available in any retail store. For this reason we can offer you a luxury mattress at a fraction of the cost!

  • Why use a wrapped coil innerspring?

    A wrapped or Marshall coil is a system where each individual coil is encased in its own dedicated fabric pocket. Of all innerspring systems available, this is the most comfortable and most expensive to manufacture.

  • Why use springs versus an all foam mattress?

    Innersprings provide active and dynamic support unlike any other sleep support system available. They push back and return energy in a way that passive resistance foams simply cannot.

  • Why use high quality foams?

    Through testing and experience, we have determined that foam quality is a critical element in the comfort, support and longevity of an innerspring mattress. For this reason, every Aviya Mattress is made with only the best quality, high density foams (a minimum of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot), far beyond anything available at comparable prices.

  • Will I need to rotate or flip my mattress?

    You will never need to flip your Aviya mattress. It is designed as a one-sided mattress with all of the comfort layers on top.

  • Does anyone else use 1.8 pounds per cubic foot foams in their innerspring mattress?

    Not that we know of! It is almost unheard of for anyone to use 1.8 pcf foams in an innerspring mattress at any price. And at our prices of well under $1000, we know of absolutely no one (but we encourage you to ask, at either a traditional retail store or at our online competitors).

  • Is your mattress flame retardant?

    Yes. Our mattress, like any mattress manufactured or sold in the United States, must and does meet stringent federal laws for open flame flammability (16 CFR parts 1632 and 1633).

  • Why don’t you offer a pillow top version of your mattress?

    While we’ve manufactured tens of thousands of pillow top mattresses over the years, we want to be honest with you. In our humble opinion, pillow tops do not deliver any improved comfort, feel or support compared to a non-pillow top mattress. At best, pillow tops look unique and have become an effective way of marketing a mattress as being “pillow soft” and worthy of you paying a higher price. Due to the poor quality of many pillow tops, they also have become closely associated with high levels of mattress sagging or body impressions.

  • Why does your mattress come in a choice of firmness?

    People come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and have different preferences for the firmness of their mattress. At Aviya, we don’t believe that one size fits all, so we don’t try to convince everyone to sleep on the exact same sleep surface.

  • How do I decide which firmness would be best for me?

    Over our many years crafting and perfecting superior bedding products we have learned that most people like a mattress that is "not too hard, and not too soft." Like the bed good old Miss Goldilocks proclaimed to be "just right!" Sounds cliché, but it's true. This is the firmness level we have designated as "Luxury Firm." The feel is slightly firm with a plush layer between you and the supportive core.

  • Exactly what materials do you use in your mattress?

    The Aviya mattress is constructed of a superior quality wrapped coil innerspring and expensive high density foams. We are truly proud of this bed for its value and craftsmanship!! Please refer to our detailed cutaway schematic which illustrates the specific components of our mattress as well as our detailed product page which address the specific materials and qualities of our mattress (and foundation!).

  • Are your components eco-friendly?

    At Aviya, we make every effort to use locally sourced, environmentally friendly components. For instance, our polyurethane foams are blended with soy to reduce the amount of petro-chemicals used in the production process.

  • Do I need to purchase a new foundation with my mattress?
    You are not required to purchase a foundation with your Aviya mattress. But whether you should consider buying a foundation or not depends upon your situation and preferences.

    First, if you’re planning to use your new mattress on an existing solid surface or platform bed, there is no need to buy a foundation.

    If you plan to use your mattress on an existing bed or bed frame and you already have a foundation or boxspring, then there are a few things to consider. If your existing boxspring is less than five years old and appears to be in good condition, supportive and level, there is no need to replace it. If it is older than five years and/or has an uneven surface, we recommend you replace it to give your new Aviya mattress the solid support it needs.
  • Will your foundation fit into a standard bed frame?
    Yes. Our foundation comes in all standard sizes (twin, twin extra long, full, split queen and split king/Cal king) and will fit into any standard sized bed frame.

    If you’re going to use your new mattress on a new bed frame or a bed that requires a foundation, you’ll need to purchase a new foundation and ours is the best choice as it is precisely designed to accommodate your mattress.
  • Can the mattress be used on adjustable base?
    Absolutely! Our wrapped, encased coil is the perfect innerspring system to both contour to the sleeper and move in unison with the adjustable base. For your convenience, we offer our Aviya mattresses in the most popular adjustable base sizes like twin extra long, queen and, of course, king.
  • Can I use my mattress on a platform bed?
    Absolutely. Platform beds have regained popularity of late and using your new Aviya mattress with one is not an issue. The most important thing is that the area where the mattress sits is solid and stable. Most platform beds provide that. One thing to be aware of is that some platform beds are only finished a few inches around the top perimeter of the platform. After you have installed your new Aviya mattress, you might see some of the unfinished area of the platform visible beneath. That’s not because your mattress is too small, it just represents a variance in the manufacturing tolerances by the platform bed supplier.
  • How are your foundations made?
    Like the Aviya mattress, our foundations are of much higher quality and superior construction compared to the foundations supplied by our competitors, regardless of price.

    Each heavy-duty Aviya foundation is crafted from high quality, environmentally sustainable wood components. We use 12 cross slats versus 8 or even 6 like you might find in competitors’ products. For good measure, our slats are 2.5” wide versus the industry standard 1.5.” We have used this type of foundation under our hospitality mattress sets that we supply to leading hotels around the country. Just like our mattresses, the Aviya foundation is built to last and last.

    The end result is a foundation that weighs 30-40% more and will provide tremendous support for your Aviya mattress, for sleepers of all sizes and shapes, for years to come.

  • Can I get a low profile foundation?
    Yes, each Aviya foundation is available at a low profile 5” height. There is no additional charge for the low profile option and the choice is purely aesthetic. A low profile foundation reduces the overall finished height of your mattress set by 4” (from 9” to 5”).
  • Can I get a special size mattress?
    At this time Aviya mattresses are only available in the traditional mattress sizes. If you're an NBA star or celebrity that wants a special size mattress, contact us and we'll see what we can do (we're only half way joking).
  • How thick is the mattress?
    All 3 firmness choices of the Aviya mattress are approximately 13” tall.

    What type of sheets will my new mattress require? Standard height sheets that accommodate at least 14” are available just about everywhere bed linens are sold.
  • What are the dimensions of the matching foundations?
    King foundation, split = two 38” x 80” units
    Queen foundation, split = two 30” x 80” units
    Full foundation = 53” x 75”
    Twin XL foundation = 38” x 80”
    Twin foundation = 38” x 80”

    Each standard height foundation is 9” tall. A low profile foundation that is 5” tall also is available.
  • What type of sheets will my new mattress require?
    Standard height sheets that accommodate at least 14” are available just about everywhere bed linens are sold.
  • Why don't you sell one-piece queen foundations?
    Based on our 75+ years delivering bedding, we have concluded that selling queen foundations in two parts is the way to go! Just as king sets are always sold as one mattress plus two twin foundation springs, we have made that the standard for our queen sets. This is referred to as a split queen foundation. Too often, a one piece queen box presents significant (and frequently insurmountable) difficulties navigating narrow hallways, winding stairs, or tight turns. And, even if you currently enjoy spacious and straightforward access to your bedroom, should you relocate to a location with more challenging features, you can take your foundation with you without any surprise headaches! Split queen foundations are as durable as a one piece foundation and are imperceptible as such under your mattress. While most retailers charge a premium for the split queen option, at Aviya we make this our standard and offer it at no extra cost to you.
  • What size mattress should I buy?
    Since your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home and good sleeping means better living, you should get the largest mattress that your room will allow. Most master bedrooms are sized to permit the use of a queen size or king size mattress. If you are purchasing a mattress for use with a partner, a queen or king is highly recommended.
  • What are the dimensions of your mattresses?
    California king: 72” wide by 84” long
    King: 76” wide by 80” long
    Queen: 60” wide by 80” long
    Full: 53” wide by 75” long
    Twin XL: 38” wide by 80” long
    Twin: 38” wide by 75” long

    (Note: All dimensions are +/- ½ “)

  • How does your warranty compare to other bedding products?
    Our 10 year warranty compares favorably with every major bedding supplier for warranty term and substance. Our 1” or greater body impression protection is among the best in the industry.
  • How long is your warranty?
    Our warranty is for 10 years from date of delivery to your home. The warranty is a 10 year non-prorated warranty meaning that in the unlikely event a warrantable issue should occur anytime during this 10 year period, the mattress would qualify for a free replacement or repair.
  • What is covered under the warranty?
    The warranty protects you against any mechanical defects like innerspring failure or breaking of the wooden foundation, as long as it has been properly supported with the appropriate bed frame with center leg supports or bed rails that have a center support. In addition, it covers body impressions of 1” or greater. Click here to see our full Warranty.
  • Does the warranty replacement or repair cost me money?
    Once your claim has been approved, you are only responsible for the transportation expense to get your new mattress to your home or to transport it to the factory and back for a warrantable repair.
  • What if I get indentations or body impressions in my mattress?
    Your mattress was built with extremely high quality foams that considerably reduce the potential for body impressions beyond the warrantable range of 1” or greater. Like most customers, you might eventually see a small body signature in the area that you lay most frequently. This is natural and means the mattress is conforming properly.
  • How do I obtain warranty service if I believe my mattress is defective?
    Call us at 844-327-7421 to request a self-service warranty assessment form, which will then be mailed to your home. Once completed, return the form to our warranty team and they will review your request and assist you throughout the warranty process. If it is deemed necessary to replace your mattress, the Aviya warranty team will work with you to complete that process.
  • Is the warranty transferable if I sell my bed?
    No, the warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product.

  • How long will it take to receive my mattress?
    Depending on your location, you order should arrive within 7-10 business days. When the mattress ships from our factory you will receive an email from our delivery team from which you can schedule your delivery to a precise date and time window.
  • Does your mattress come vacuum packed in a box?
    No, the Aviya mattress is a substantially constructed mattress that includes a high quality wrapped coil innerspring and numerous layers of high density foam… a superior design guaranteed to satisfy your long term comfort and durability needs. Such a product could never be vacuumed packed in a box! Our mattress will be delivered in its real and full size, sealed in a protective plastic wrapping and then placed inside of a heavy duty cardboard box.
  • What does your free "threshold delivery" actually mean?
    Kind of what it sounds like! Your bedding will travel at no cost from our factory to your home, until it is safely placed within your home, somewhere near or just inside your home’s entrance or “threshold”. For additional services we offer our white glove delivery service (which, among other services, also includes lovingly carrying it over the threshold!)
  • What does "white glove" delivery service mean? Is it worth the added cost?
    Aviya is pleased to offer “white glove” delivery service to our customers for an additional fee of $99 per mattress or set of bedding. This includes completely setting up your bedding in the location of your choice in your home and removal of all packing materials. Our bedding is more than a lightweight piece of foam and therefore might be too heavy for a small or single person to maneuver into their room of choice. This service can make life a lot easier if you need your new bed transported up or down a flight of stairs. The choice is yours and depends on your needs and wishes. The free threshold delivery provides you the option to take the final leg of the journey on your own, or with the assistance of friends or family. While the threshold delivery is suitable for some, we would never want to drop off a well-constructed piece of bedding at your threshold if that represented a burden to you.
  • How can I track the status of my delivery after ordering?
    Once your order is picked up at our factory, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a shipment tracking number. Simply sign into our tracking system at with your tracking number to follow the progress of your order.

    Please note: The “Deliver To” address and “Estimated Delivery” corresponds to the location and date of arrival in your local area to the company who will be making your final delivery.

  • Can I specify a delivery date?
    Yes, you can! Once we ship your order, you have the opportunity to choose from a range of available dates when your shipment will be available in your local delivery market. You’ll be hearing from our delivery team within 24-48 hours of your order arriving in your local area to schedule a date and time to receive your delivery. Deliveries are typically made on weekdays between 8am-5pm, and the agents will work with to coordinate a convenient time that works with your schedule.
  • What if I have a narrow hallway or stairs and a queen foundation won't fit?
    No need to worry! We’re way ahead of you and we’ve already solved this potential delivery dilemma. When you order an Aviya mattress and foundation in queen size, you will receive what is known as a split queen foundation. This basically means the foundation will be delivered in two pieces instead of one (two 30” x 80” units rather than one large 60” x 80” unit), which makes life a whole lot easier as far as getting the foundation in your home and to your bedroom. Most retailers offer the split queen foundation as an option with an added fee, but we have made it our standard at no additional cost to you. Split foundations are made purely for delivery purposes, so you won’t notice any difference once the bed is assembled. We know your time is valuable and much better spent sleeping on your Aviya bed rather than maneuvering it into your bedroom.
  • What if I’m not home when the mattress is delivered?
    Since your delivery date and time are self-selected through our partner’s scheduling system, you shouldn’t worry about your order showing up unexpectedly at your home. However, if something arises that interferes with this plan, please contact us prior to the delivery day and we will make other arrangements. If the delivery team attempts to deliver your mattress while you are not home, they will not leave the mattress at your home. Instead, they will contact you to reschedule the delivery. You will then be responsible for a $99 re-delivery fee.
  • What should I do with my old mattress?
    If you have selected our "white glove" delivery service, the Aviya delivery team can remove your old bedding and responsibly dispose of it for you when we deliver your Aviya mattress. There is an additional fee of $60 for this service which you can select when you place your order.
  • How should I prepare for delivery of my Aviya mattress?
    Our delivery team will confirm the details of your scheduled delivery the day prior to your agreed upon delivery date with a reminder email and/or text message. We want your delivery to be pleasant, professional and hassle free, so please be prepared as follows:

    - An adult should be present to inspect the merchandise and sign for the delivery.

    - A clear path should be made for the delivery team to walk to the room of your choosing. Any pictures or wall hangings that could be at risk should be removed from the walls.

    - Pets should be sequestered in a separate room for their safety and to facilitate the delivery.

    - Please carefully inspect your merchandise before our delivery team leaves your home. It is very important that you indicate any damage to the packaging or items on the bill of lading.

    - We are unable to move existing furniture to accomplish the bedding placement except in cases where you have elected to have an old set of bedding removed.

    Please visit our Delivery page for a more detailed explanation of our delivery practices and policies.

  • Can I return my mattress if I don’t like it?
    All Aviya mattress purchases are protected by our 100 night satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like your mattress you may return it for a full refund within the first 100 days after you have received it.
  • How do I return my mattress?
    Contact Aviya mattress at 844-327-7421 or at Please include your name, telephone number and email address. We will contact you right away to initiate the return process.
  • If I return my mattress, will I get all of my money back?
    You receive a full refund for your purchase (not including any special delivery fees you elected such as white glove delivery and removal of old bedding).
  • How long do I need to keep my mattress before I decide to return it?
    Aviya offers the greatest trial period in the industry and all we ask is that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before you return or exchange the mattress. This time frame will provide you and your body a reasonable amount of time to adjust to the feel and comfort of your Aviya mattress. To some, the support system of the Aviya mattress will feel unfamiliar at first, especially if your existing mattress has broken down and lost its ability to support your spine and joints properly. It’s perfectly normal to adjust to this feeling over a few weeks, so keep that in mind when you start sleeping on your new mattress. 

  • How many years will my Aviya mattress last?
    Our warranty is for a 10 year period from date of delivery and has a non-prorated element that provides a replacement mattress or a repair of your mattress at no cost for the materials if the product does not perform at our high standards.

    Quality mattresses like those Aviya manufactures are engineered to perform at a high level throughout the warranty period. That is one of the many benefits that an Aviya mattress provides due to the higher density foams.

    After 10 years, you will still have a great mattress but the engineered usable life cycle starts to become a factor in the support it provides. We encourage a replacement purchase every 8-10 years. Over time our bodies change, perhaps our work changes and those all have an impact on the type of support we require.
  • Does the mattress have a break-in period?
    While we do not specify a formal break-in period for an Aviya mattress, (it should be great coming out of the carton), there could be a break-in period for your body.

    The older your existing mattress, the greater the probability that your spine and joints have been not supported properly over a period of time, perhaps years.

    The Aviya mattress is designed to keep your spine in a neutral and natural position through correct postural alignment. You might find that it will take your body a few weeks or even a month to get used to being properly supported again. So keep that in mind as you begin to use and enjoy your new Aviya mattress.
  • Why would someone buy a mattress online?
    The mattress industry is changing and we at Aviya are excited to be a part of that revolution! We believe there are numerous benefits to shopping for your mattress online, just like the many other products that you can now purchase from the convenience of your home. With all of the product information, specifications and customer reviews available on our site, and on the sites of our competitors, we believe that mattress shoppers can make a very informed buying decision online. While it may sound risky to buy a mattress without lying on it first, with our 100 day risk free trial, you have the opportunity to actually SLEEP on the bed in your home to decide if it’s right for you. No pressure--if you don’t love it, you can return the mattress for a full refund.
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