No matter how much you love your mattress, you might come to a point when you start to wonder "How can I make my mattress softer?". Well, you are in luck. Typically, when our customers are on the fence about which of our three firmness options, we often steer them towards the firmer of the two mattresses in question. The reason behind this is that it is much easier to make a firm mattress feel softer than it is to make a plush mattress feel more firm.

So exactly how can you go about making your mattress softer? Depending on your budget, there are a number of ways to achieve this. Below is a list of tips to help you in your quest for a softer mattress:

  • Mattress Pads and Toppers: Mattress toppers are available in a variety of styles and are made from a variety of materials. All foam mattress toppers are very popular right now and are available from about $100 and up. Find a few reputable models in your price range and read online reviews to find the model that is perfect for your needs and budget. You may also want to consider down or down-alternative mattress toppers. Egg crate foam is another popular style of mattress pad and can sometimes be more affordable.
  • Quilt / Blanket Layering: If you're on a really strict budget, you can try using existing blankets that you already have. Layer them underneath your bottom sheet for an added layer of cushion. This technique is not as effective as a mattress topper, but can add some softness to those on a budget.
  • Surround yourself in pillows: This might not make your mattress softer, but you won't really notice that. While your mattress will remain the same softness, you can add a luxurious feeling of softness to your sleeping environment by adding as many pillows as you want. Body pillows are also extremely popular and are especially reccomended as part of our tips for side sleepers.
  • Fancy Pillowcases: Again, this won't make your mattress any softer, but your pillows will feel softer, which contributes to the whole perception of how soft your bed is as a whole.  Silk pillowcases can be had for around $30 and add a nice luxurious touch to your sleep experience.
  • Duvet Covers - Just like our previous two tips, while this won't actually affect your bed's softness (unless you use a your comforter and duvet cover as a pseudo-mattress topper, which can be quite effective), but adding softness to all aspects of your bedding can make the entire sleep experience seem softer.

Of course, these tips are no substitute for a new mattress, and are more of a "bandaid" than a solution. If you are looking for a luxuriously soft mattress at a fair price, please consider the Aviya Plush Mattress, which offers unbelievable softness while still providing your body the support that it needs.

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