We get many questions regarding how often you should be rotating your mattress. The simple answer is that you should rotate your mattress every few months, depending on how many sleepers sleep on the bed and other factors, such as weight distribution. Proper care of your mattress will increase the lifespan of your mattress, and helps maintain a sleeping surface that will be supportive and consistent year after year.

Buying a new mattress in many ways is comparable to buying a new car. Although you'd likely consider neither to be a financial investment, both purchases often represent an investment in your own lifestyle, comfort and overall well-being. In the same way that a car needs things like oil changes and spark plug replacements to run optimally, your new mattress should be properly cared for to maximize its lifespan and ultimately get the most out of your investment. Thankfully, proper care for your new Aviya mattress is much simpler and less costly than maintaining an automobile. With a just little bit of care, your Aviya mattress will provide year after year of consistent and supportive comfort.

Your previous mattress manufacturer my have recommended that you flip your mattress upside down every few months or so to avoid those pesky body impressions that have plagued the mattress industry for as long as beds have been made. That is because many older (and frankly, inferior) mattresses are vertically symmetrical and can be inverted without changing the sleep surface of the bed itself. Advancements in technology and innovation have led to more and more mattresses that are built with a comfort layer on top and thus should never be flipped.

Likewise, we designed the Aviya Mattress as a one sided mattress, with our specially designed high-density foam comfort layers resting atop our sophisticated innerspring system. In other words, the Aviya Mattress never needs to be flipped! Best of all, our innovative design has resulted in a mattress that won't sag, which allows us to offer what we feel is the strongest mattress warranty in the industry, protecting the consumer from sagging and body impressions of one inch or greater for 10 years! We have yet to see another major bedding supplier that is able or willing to offer such consumer protection. We're very proud of the Aviya Mattress, which has enabled us to offer a warranty we can take pride in, too.

Although the Aviya Mattress should never be flipped, it should be rotated periodically to promote even wearing of your mattress and to prolong its life. We encourage you to rotate your mattress once every 2-3 months, and at the very least every 6 months, to equalize the amount of pressure, especially if there are two sleepers on your mattress or one sleeper sleeping in the same exact spot. This will ensure your Aviya Mattress lasts even longer than it would otherwise, and it will further minimize the nuisance of body impressions or sags in your mattress.

We encourage you to rotate your mattress every few months or so to 'equalize' the use (especially if there are two sleepers on your mattress). This should result in even greater consistency and comfort throughout the lifespan of your mattress.

While we're on the topic of proper care for your mattress, it is important to protect yourself from stains or spills, as moisture can cause more than just aesthetic problems with your mattress. Keeping your bedding clean is important for your own health and hygiene and also prolongs the life of your mattress. We recommend using a mattress pad or protector if you are prone to spilling liquids on your mattress to avoid voiding your warranty.

Aviya makes your next mattress purchase as simple as possible by offering one mattress in three different firmness options, the Aviya Firm Mattress, Aviya Luxury Firm Mattress and the Aviya Plush Mattress. All three of our comfort options utilize the same sophisticated innerspring support system, coupled with varying feels of our high-density upholstery grade foam to account the difference in firmness / plushness.

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