When you don’t know what to gift to give someone for the holidays, shopping can be intimidating and frustrating. In fact, holiday shopping is known to be one of the largest contributors to holiday stress.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Don’t let the panic of holiday shopping consume you this season. Instead, take some advice from us and find a gift that will please everyone -- better sleep!

Don’t know where to start? We’ll help you figure out how to gift a new mattress to anyone on your list!

Step 1: Learn your mattress lingo

Before you start shopping for a mattress, you’re going to want to equip yourself with knowledge of the lingo. When deciding which mattress is best, you’ll want to consider these main factors:

  • Pressure Relief. This is how much your mattress “pushes back” when you apply pressure so you don’t sink in too far and put pressure on your back, hips, and knees.
  • Responsiveness. This is how quickly your mattress is able to adjust to your body movements and keep you comfy in your sleep.  
  • Motion Transfer. This is how well your mattress absorbs movement so your partner’s movements don’t wake you up.
  • Spinal Alignment. This is how well your mattress keeps your spine aligned from the base of your neck to the bottom of your spine. The straighter, the better. 

To keep it simple, you’ll want all of these qualities to be rated pretty well.

Step 2: Know your options

There are many different types of mattresses that are specifically intended for different types of sleepers. First, try to figure out what type of sleeper the person you’re shopping for is. Do they sleep on their side? Stomach? Back? Do they easily get hot in their sleep? Are they active athletes? These factors will help you determine what type of bed will be best for them.

It’s also good to generally understand the preference of firmness. While some people prefer very soft mattresses, others prefer a firmer one. To stay safe, you could stick to the middle range of medium to medium-firm.

Step 3: Customize any options

Some mattresses, like the Aviya, offer options for personalization. For the Aviya, you have three options for the firmness level including plush, luxury firm, and firm. You also have the option to add on a foundation to your purchase that’s either five or nine inches tall. Pick the options that you think will suit your loved one best!

Step 4: Check out the reviews

Before you commit to a mattress, it’s always helpful to look over reviews to see learn more about it and see how previous users rate the experience. Once you narrow down your options, make sure to read up on everything you should know before you buy.

If you’re interested in the Aviya mattress, you can check out Mattress Advisor’s review to learn everything you need to know.

Step 5: Order the mattress

Once you’ve read up on all the facts and feel confident in your choice, you can purchase the mattress. Most mattresses arrive in about 7-14 business days, so expect it at your doorstep in the next week or two. Slap a bow on your bed-in-a-box and you’re ready to gift!

In case you don’t make the best selection, don’t worry, there’s always a trial period to test out the bed and decide if you need to make a return. Though, if you select the Aviya mattress, you’re almost guaranteed to be satisfied.

Hopefully this guide helped you navigate the necessary steps so you can gift better sleep to someone in your life. They’ll thank you in their dreams.
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