The Best Mattress for Couples

Shopping for a mattress is a complicated venture all on its own. Searching for the perfect mattress as a couple is even more complex. After all, though you are together, you are two different people who each have your own, separate mattress needs. How do you find a mattress that will not only give you both a good night’s rest but also accommodate your, shall we say, amorous activities? This article discusses some of the challenges of finding the best mattress for couples and offers tips for selecting a mattress that will meet both of your needs.


How Couples Can Choose the Perfect Mattress

One common piece of advice for maintaining a healthy relationship is to never go to sleep angry. A less common, but still equally wise, suggestion is to make sure your mattress is a happy place for both you and your partner. That means selecting a mattress that you both will enjoy sinking into at the end of the day. Here are some of the biggest challenges to finding the best mattress for couples and some things to consider as you move through the process.

The Challenges of Choosing a Mattress as a Couple

Being two unique individuals, you each come to your mattress with different needs. Maybe you’re a stomach sleeper and need a firmer mattress to support your back through the night, while your partner is a side sleeper who needs more cushioning for their shoulders and hips. How you each separately sleep is one thing, but how you sleep together is another. Some people sleep in one position when they are sleeping alone and an entirely different one when sleeping with their partner. Finding a mattress that accommodates both your and your partner’s needs separately as well as your needs as a couple presents many variables on top of the numerous variables that already exist when buying a mattress.

Important Things to Consider When Mattress Hunting Together

One important thing to consider when choosing a mattress as a couple is each person's physical size. Larger couples, whether taller or heavier, will need a mattress big enough to keep you both comfortable through the night. If either of you is significantly lighter than the other, be sure to select a mattress that will provide enough support to keep you both sleeping peacefully. You will also want to think about each of your sleeping habits. If one of you tends to toss and turn all night while the other is a very light sleeper, you’ll want a mattress that isolates movement. Does one of you like to sleep under a pile of blankets while the other sweats with just a sheet covering them? A mattress designed to stay cool will help you both avoid the perpetual dance of kicking off the covers only to reach for them again five minutes later.

Features of the Best Mattress for Sex

One challenge of shopping for the best mattress for sex is finding one that will perfectly accommodate your intimate moments while also ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Here are some features of the best mattress for sex that will also deliver an exceptional sleeping experience.

Medium Firmness

Typically, couples are much more active during sex than they are while they’re asleep. The best mattress for sex will have a firmness level that supports two bodies in motion and evenly distributes their weight to make changing positions easier. A mattress that is too firm may cause aches and pains during the act, while an overly plush mattress will have you sinking in and feeling stuck every time you try to change things up. A mattress with medium firmness delivers the most even feel, allowing you both to be comfortable and easily move from one position to the next. Medium firmness (luxury firm) mattresses also deliver the most versatile support for all sleeping positions.

Great Bounce

Let’s be honest — sex can be a lot of hard work. The harder you work, the more fun it’s supposed to be. But on a mattress that absorbs every shock, all that work can sometimes fall flat. A mattress with really great bounce rewards your efforts by delivering a buoyant response that will help you and your partner keep the fun going. To achieve this bounce, the best mattress for sex will be a hybrid construction of innerspring coils and memory foam. The Aviya mattress is the perfect combination with three layers of high-density foam placed atop a pocketed innerspring coil system, making it a mattress that offers exceptional comfort and bounce for all of your bedroom adventures.

Cool and Dry

Some people like to sleep curled up in a little ball while others sprawl out on their stomachs or backs. Another major difference between queen and king mattresses is the type of sleeping style each accommodates. Queen mattresses are very popular with sprawling solo sleepers because the size gives them plenty of room to spread out. When one or both partners sleep most comfortably with their limbs flung wide, a king or California king mattress will be a better choice, giving you both ample space to sleep just the way you like.

Working Together to Choose Your Mattress

When it comes to mattress shopping as a couple, perhaps the most important thing to remember is to work together to choose a mattress that will best meet both of your needs. These tips will help you sift through the many options to find the perfect fit for you and your partner.

Finding the Perfect Mattress Size

One of the first decisions you and your partner will need to make is what size mattress will give you each ample room. Consider first your and your partner’s physical size. A queen mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, which offers each sleeper roughly 2 ½ feet to spread out. If that doesn’t seem like enough space for you both to sleep comfortably, bumping up to a king will give you each an extra 8 inches of room to play with. For anyone taller than 6 feet, opting for a California king will provide plenty of foot room to stretch out. For more adventurous couples whose lovemaking is on the athletic side, a king will also give you extra room to roam while you play.

Compromising on Firmness Level

Mattress firmness is what most couples disagree on when trying to find the best mattress. Very often, one partner prefers a soft (plush) mattress while the other is adamant about needing a firm mattress. Talk to your partner about your firmness needs and why each of you prefers the level you do. Partners with back problems will likely need a firmer mattress, while partners with hip and shoulder joint issues will require a softer mattress. Each partner’s sleeping style will also factor into which firmness level is necessary. Stomach sleepers need at least a medium firmness (luxury firm) to support their lower back and prevent spinal issues. Be open and willing to compromise where you can. For most couples, a medium firmness provides the best compromise, offering comfortable support that is neither too soft nor too hard.

Trying Your Mattress Out

Perhaps the most important aspect of finding the best mattress for couples is settling on a compromise and then finding a premium-quality mattress that comes with a sleep guarantee. You and your partner may talk through your many options and agree on what you think is the perfect mattress. However, until you’ve had the chance to actually spend a fair amount of time on it, you won’t be able to know for sure whether it meets both of your needs. This is why Aviya mattresses ship with a 100-night “sleep perfect” guarantee, giving you and your partner plenty of time to try it out and see if it really is the perfect mattress for you.

Order the Best Mattress for Couples from Aviya

By pairing three layers of high-density upholstery foam with a pocketed innerspring coil system, the Aviya mattress provides luxurious, long-term support, night after night. Hand-crafted from premium materials, Aviya’s hybrid mattress offers a “hotel-feel” sleeping experience, making it the best mattress for couples. Plus, each mattress ships free with a 100-night “sleep perfect” guarantee. If you don’t experience the best sleep of your life, we’ll pick up your mattress free of charge. Order the best mattress for couples online and learn what it means to truly sleep well.

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