The Difference Between Queen and King Mattresses

Shopping for a new mattress can be an overwhelming task. With so many options to consider, one of the first decisions mattress buyers need to make is regarding size. What size is right for you will depend on a lot of things – the size of the bedroom, how many people will be sharing the mattress and even what kind of sleeper you are. This guide will break down the difference between queen and king mattresses and give you some easy tips to help you decide which mattress size is best for you.


Size Difference Between Queen and King Mattresses

Aside from their royal names, most people do not know the measurable size difference between queen and king mattresses. In fact, many of our customers ask us, “How much bigger is a king than a queen?” The best way to begin deciding which size is right for you is to get the facts straight about each size’s actual dimensions.

Queen Mattress Dimensions

Ideal for couples and sleepers who like to spread out, the queen is the most popular mattress size in the US and Canada. A queen mattress usually measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, or about 5 feet by 6 ¾ feet. Queen mattresses are most popular for couples because they give each person roughly 2 ½ feet to themselves. Room enough to be comfortable, but not so much that you feel like you’re sleeping alone. Queen mattresses are also very popular with sprawling solo sleepers – those who sleep like a starfish spread across the width of the mattress.

King Mattress Dimensions

Slightly larger than two twin mattresses set side by side, a king mattress measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. With the same length as a queen mattress, the king provides the luxury of an extra 16 inches to spread out. This size is popular among couples who enjoy having their space and also those who may end up sharing it with children or pets.

The California king offers the same amount of sleeping space as a standard king mattress, but in a longer, slightly narrower dimension. Measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, the California king perfectly accommodates taller sleepers, keeping their feet from hanging off the end of the mattress.

How to Choose What Size Mattress You Need

Knowing the difference between queen and king mattresses is a great start to deciding which size is right for you. But selecting the perfect mattress also involves sorting through a lot of factors to determine which will best fit your needs. Answer the following questions to help determine whether the queen, king or California king is the perfect size for you.

How Big Is the Bedroom?

One reason the queen mattress is so well-loved is because it fits nicely into most bedrooms. A good standard to follow is to select a mattress that will give you at least 2 feet of space on either side and 5 feet at the foot. Squeezing a king mattress into a room too small to accommodate this clearance may leave you feeling cramped when you move around your room. A queen mattress will use nearly 34 square feet of floor space, while the king or California king will take up 42 square feet. Be sure to factor in other furniture in the bedroom as well, selecting a mattress size that will give you enough empty floor space to keep your room from feeling cluttered.

How Many People Are Sharing Your Mattress?

One key difference between a queen and king mattress is the number of people – or pets – it will accommodate. Queen mattresses are popular with couples who do not often find themselves sharing the space with their children or furry friends. A king mattress offers 12 to 16 more inches of room, which just so happens to be about the same size as a small child or a big dog.

One other thing to consider is the physical size of the people sharing the mattress. For couples with average heights, the queen or standard king mattress will be plenty long enough to accommodate them. For sleepers who are taller than 6 feet, a California king will likely be the most comfortable mattress size, giving them a full 7 feet to stretch their legs.

What’s Your Sleeping Style?

Some people like to sleep curled up in a little ball while others sprawl out on their stomachs or backs. Another major difference between queen and king mattresses is the type of sleeping style each accommodates. Queen mattresses are very popular with sprawling solo sleepers because the size gives them plenty of room to spread out. When one or both partners sleep most comfortably with their limbs flung wide, a king or California king mattress will be a better choice, giving you both ample space to sleep just the way you like.

Order Your King or Queen Mattress from Aviya

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