Comparing Queen Mattress Dimensions to King Size Measurements

There are all sorts of important factors to consider when choosing a new mattress: the firmness, the construction, the price and so on. But the first thing to figure out is the mattress size you want. If you're an experienced mattress buyer, this part should be a no-brainer — but if this is your first foray into the world of innersprings and memory foam, you might not feel 100% sure which size will best fit your needs. Find out whether king or queen size mattress dimensions will give you and your partner the best night's sleep in this comprehensive guide!

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Comparing Queen & King Mattress Dimensions

The best way to know how a mattress will fit in your space (and feel when you tuck in) is to have the measurements on hand. We'll give you the standard king and queen mattress dimensions and recommend the kind of person (or people) who can sleep most comfortably on them. Let's dive into queen and king mattress size comparison!

Queen Size: For Couples

The queen mattress size provides plenty of space for couples to sleep comfortably together, measuring 60" X 80". Queen mattresses fit well in most bedroom spaces and, because they're the most commonly purchased mattress size, there's a great variety of bedding sets available to help you achieve the perfect style. The size of queen mattresses also gives partners a nice amount of room to sleep — you won't be up in each other's personal space like you would be on a full mattress! However, if there will be pets or kids in the mix most nights, you may have to go bigger to sleep in total comfort.

King Size: For Couples & More

If you and your partner want lots of room or can always count on extra nighttime visitors like kids or pets, the king mattress size is for you! A king mattress is quite a bit bigger than a queen, in terms of width: standard king size measurements are generally around 76" X 80".

The king also has a longer size: the California king. A California king mattress has an additional four inches of length, although it's usually narrower by about four inches as well. California king mattress dimensions are usually around 72" X 84". It's a luxurious amount of space ideal for people over six feet tall.

While the size of a king size mattress is very comfortable for sleeping, you still have to make sure it will fit in your room — it may be a king, but it shouldn't have tyranny over your space! If you have the room, the king mattress size is an amazing investment that will give you, your partner and anyone else who wants to join a truly luxurious sleeping experience.

King & Queen Mattress Dimensions Comparison Chart
Queen 60" 80"
King 76" 80"
California King 72" 84"

So, Which Mattress Size is Right for Me?

If looking at queen and king mattress dimensions still isn't enough to help you decide, you can ask yourself these other questions to figure out whether a queen, king or California king will work best for you.

How Big is Your Current Mattress? Do You Like it?

If you're comfortable with the size of your current mattress but need a new one for comfort reasons, stick with what you have! However, if you want more room for yourself or will have a partner sleeping with you consistently, you may want to size up, especially if you're currently working with a queen mattress size or smaller.

How Many People Will Sleep on the Mattress?

Speaking of partners, the bigger the better when choosing a mattress. You might be debating between a queen and king mattress size, but we're willing to bet you'll love a king. The only reason not to go with a king would be room size restrictions.

How Big is Your Room?

If you only have a small room or studio apartment, queen mattress dimensions might be the best option. But if you have an ample amount of space, go big and try out king mattress size!

What is Your Body Size?

If you're a fairly tall person, you'll need a mattress with more length to get the most comfortable and restful sleep possible. Go with a California king mattress size, especially if you're sleeping with a partner!

What is Your Budget?

Price is another important consideration. Go with the size that best meets the criteria listed above and your price ceiling. A queen mattress size is usually quite economical while still ticking all of the boxes for couples and singles alike.

The Final Question: Where Do You Get a Great Mattress?

The obvious answer: Aviya! Our premium, hotel-feel mattresses give you a luxurious sleeping experience without the luxury price tag. A queen-size Aviya mattress packs an 850-innerspring core while our king has 1100, making them comfortable, supportive and durable for years of lasting relaxation. Our queen and king mattresses are all hand-crafted, eco-friendly and super breathable for a cool night’s sleep — and every order ships FREE with a 100-night “sleep perfect” guarantee. We could talk all day about how amazing these mattresses are, but instead we’ll let you see for yourself. Contact us today for additional help choosing a queen or king mattress size, or to learn even more about the awesomeness of Aviya!

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