With many online mattress companies offering in-home trials, it's a great time to buy a mattress online. Offering in-home trials allows mattress consumers to truly try out their product before they officially commit to buying it. It's a refreshing change in the ten minutes or so we used to spend checking out a new mattress at the brick and mortar store! Still, while many offer "risk-free" in-home mattress trials, that doesn't necessarily mean that all risk-free in-home mattress trial programs are created equal. Quite the contrary, actually.

What should you look for in an in-home mattress trial?

1. Time is everything!

You need more than a night or two to know for sure if your new mattress is right for you or not. You will see a lot of trial periods ranging from a month to around 100 days. 100 day in-home trials are somewhat popular right now, but you may not actually get your full purchase price back. Some of these in-home trial periods are pro-rated or charge an absurd restocking fee. We have no in-home fees or restocking fees. You truly have 100 nights to decide if you like your Aviya, and if you don't, while we will be pretty shocked, we'll come pick it up from you.

2. Stipulations

Our trial program is so simple we don't have the need for any asterisks on this page! Many other online mattress trials hide in the fine print that your mattress has to pass an inspection and be in like-new condition when you return it! Even worse, we suspect that these used beds are demanded in this condition so that they can refurbish and resell the mattress again as "new" to another person. Any Aviya Mattresses that are returned to us (it's rare!), we never sell that bed again. We make every effort possible to donate the mattress to a charitable organization or shelter.

3. Shipping Fees

While more mattress companies are now offering in-home trials, many of them still hold you responsible for the return shipping! If you don't like your Aviya mattress, we won't add insult to injury by charging you to get rid of it. To us, risk-free actually means risk-free! Since the Aviya Mattress ships for free in the continental U.S., you'll get your entire purchase price refunded unless you elected for our luxurious white-glove in-room delivery and installation.

4. Warranties

What good is a 100 day free-trial if the mattress has a 101 day warranty? With Aviya, you're protected with the best anti-sag warranty in the industry for 10 years (learn why mattresses sag to begin with)! Your risk-free trial program may end after 100 days, but your protection as a consumer lasts a decade! Compare us to the competition and you'll see why more and people each day choose Aviya!

It's pretty easy to get lost in the fine print with some of these online mattress. Make sure to read all the fine print before deciding try out a mattress in your home.


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