Twenty years ago, the idea of buying a mattress online sounded absurd to most people. While the idea of sleeping on a cozy new bed is appealing, most cringe at the thought of what that traditionally entailed. It began with having to drive around from mattress store to mattress store, trying to make sense of an obfuscated industry littered with high-pressure sales tactics and little real information on what makes one mattress better for another.

Unfortunately the difference between $1,500 mattress and a $3,000 mattress is often largely the price tag. Sure, if you asked a mattress salesman why you should upgrade to a more "luxury" model mattress, they'd come up with some industry buzzwords about the materials or techniques utilized in the construction, but at the end of the day, they're just pitching you what they know sells mattresses.

You can't blame the salesmen though, because they're only trying to make a living. You also can't really blame the conventional brick and mortar mattress store, either - because they were simply trying to outcompete each other in a saturated market with very high margins and products that can remain on the shelves for years.

Simply speaking, the mattress industry just aged poorly; how it functioned in the past worked just fine for those times, but with the advent of the web, an opportunity to revolutionize, and more importantly, improve the way people buy mattresses presented itself. The true benefactor of this industry shift is to the consumer, as the online mattress industry has much more transparency. Comparing online mattress brands make it so much easier to compare products and prices, and you can now easily find real reviews of the exact mattress you're considering buying from real people. More importantly, you can do the proper research to determine what makes a good mattress a good mattress, what types of mattresses you might wish to avoid, as well as what makes a good mattress warranty.

We're obviously biased as an online mattress store, but we like to think we're better than buying from a brick and mortar store in every imaginable way. We knew that to compete in the online world, where consumers have nearly limitless options, we had to make ourselves outperform our competition in every way, and that included the competition of the traditional mattress store.

Here are main differences in online mattress shopping vs in-store shopping. We'll focus on what one might think are advantages of the brick and mortar store, and then tell you why they're actually disadvantages compared to Aviya's value proposition to our consumers.

1. In a brick and mortar store, you can try the mattress out before you buy it. How could an online mattress store beat that?
First of all, do you sleep fully clothed, in 5 minute intervals while being interrupted every five minutes by an overbearing salesperson? Testing out a mattress can't be done in a store, you need to sleep on it to know for sure. Not only that, but when switching to a new mattress it takes time for your body to adjust. In fact, you might think you don't like your new mattress until your body has adjusted. But after your body has adjusted, then you can truly know how you like your mattress. This is why at Aviya, we offer a 100-night in home trial with no gimmicks. Buy our mattress, sleep on it for 100 nights, and if you don't like it, we'll come pick it up and refund your entire purchase price. Our shipping is free unless you elect for our white glove service, so you literally have nothing to lose.

2. In a brick and mortar store, I have so many options and I can easily compare different brands all in one place. How can an online store beat that?

You can easily compare mattress brands online from your living room from a smartphone! Additionally, all of those brands, options, and variable models were really meant to overwhelm and confuse you. Try comparing from mattress store to mattress store, and you'll see that even the same brands will have different "model" names at different stores. They intentionally don't want to let you compare so you will just give up and buy whichever mattress they are selling, i.e. the one with the best profit margin for them. Whether or not they're a commissioned sales person, you'd better bet they've got a vested interest in the quantity of mattresses sold one way or another. At Aviya, we make one great mattress available in just three firmness options to simply your decision. Remember, we're not trying to overwhelm you and we're not exactly trying to reinvent the wheel. We're making a high-quality mattress from high-quality materials, and we're offering it in three firmness options. We guarantee you'll like one of the three, or return it after 100 nights! Trust us.

Here are some undeniable pros of the online mattress stores of today:

1. Without brick and mortar stores, there's a lot less overhead. This allows us to focus much more of our resources on the design and crafting of our mattresses while eliminating many middlemen. The end result is much more value for you. If our mattresses were sold in a brick and mortar store, we'd probably have to double the price after everybody took their slice of the pie. While that might sound delicious to you now, they're eating your pie!

2. With a national presence, we get much better rates on delivering your mattress.
Brick and mortar stores mostly operate locally and so they will have less spending power and pay more for local delivery services and contractors to deliver your mattress. As the consumer, you will undoubtedly eat that cost. At Aviya, our listed prices include shipping cost, making it simple to see.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, we simply ask you to please consider Aviya and compare us to the competition. We're confident that if we can get you to try our mattress in our home, you'll absolutely love it. If not, we'll refund your entire purchase price if you tell us within the first 100 days. It's that simple.

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