At Aviya, we understand that purchasing a mattress is a very important decision. After all, we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives in bed and we want to be sure you're investing in a product that is both comfortable and able to provide years of sleep. We've simplified the process of purchasing an online mattress by offering the Aviya Mattress in just three simple comfort options. Understanding how unnecessarily complicated many mattress companies have made the mattress purchasing process, Aviya set out to make buying a new mattress a simple and enjoyable experience.

In an industry filled with gimmicks and buzz words, we decided that the selling point of our Aviya Mattress would be its remarkable build quality, industry leading anti-sag warranty (read about why mattresses sag for more information), and our overall attention to detail. Instead of creating dozens of similar mattresses designed to appeal to specific "types" of sleepers, we leveraged over 75 years of experience and designed one mattress, available in just three different firmness options. No gimmicks, no buzz words - just a high quality innerspring and high-density foam hybrid mattress. Each of our three mattress comfort options provides the same ample support with varying "softness" or "firmness" options.

The difference between our three comfort options lies in the firmness of the foam used in our comfort layer. All three comfort options share the same innerspring system and same high quality foam; it is the "feel" of these foam layers that is different in each of our 3 comfort options.

A common mistake is to assume that if you are looking for a soft mattress that it will not be supportive. Although it may seem counterintuitive, these concepts of support and softness/hardness are actually mutually exclusive ideas. That is, our Aviya Plush mattress is extremely soft, but still offers substantial support provided by our innerspring system. Be sure not to confuse "support" with "firm" or "lack of support" with "soft".

Our most popular comfort option is our Aviya Luxury Firm mattress. Of our three comfort options, it is generally what most people consider "not too hard, not too soft" or a medium firm. If you know you are someone who prefers a very plush or soft bed, we tend to recommend you consider our Aviya Plush. If, on the other hand, you know you like a very firm mattress, we typically steer you toward the Aviya Firm.

Again, remember that all three of the Aviya mattresses will offer the same level of support. What is different is the softness, which can create the allusion of support or lack thereof.  That being said, you can use these reccomendations as guidelines if you find yourself on the fence between two of our comfort options. Remember, these are guidelines and should not be the entire basis of your decision. 

Stomach Sleepers - If you are on the fence, we generally advise trying the firmer option. This is to ensure a healthy spine position and to prevent any arching or curving in the lower back. 

Side Sleepers - If you're on the fence about these two firmness options, we recommend going with the softer option of the two. Typically, we see people prefer more "give" in the surface and a softer mattress can help relieve pressure by contouring to the curves of your body.

Plus Size Sleepers - Generally speaking, when a heavier person contacts us for advise on which comfort option is best for them, we recommend a firmer mattress. Plus size sleepers tend to prefer a firmer feel in terms of comfort, as well, since plush mattresses generally feel too soft. All of our mattresses are more than capable of supporting a plus size sleeper, however, a firmer mattress will give the heavier sleeper the sensation of more support. Again, keep in mind that all 3 of our firmness levels utilize the same innerspring system, which is where the mattress gets its support. The HD foam comfort layers on top of the spring are where the soft and firm options come from. 

If you have any more questions about what comfort option is right for you, just give us a call at 844-327-7421!

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