Mattress Firmness Options

At Aviya we offer 3 firmness options for every size mattress. Unlike other online mattress companies, we know customers have preferences and everyone is different. Our most popular mattress is the Luxury Firm with over 80% of customers choosing that option.

Queen Mattress Firmnesses

Queen Mattress Firmnesses

Queen Mattress Firmnesses

How to choose which mattress firmness is perfect for you

Our most popular firmness level is our Aviya Luxury Firm mattress. We offer 3 options and this is what most people consider "not too hard, not too soft", a perfect medium. If you prefer a very soft mattress we would recommend the "plush" and if you like a firm mattress choose the "firm". Remember, 80% of customer do purchase the middle option, the Luxury Firm.

Stomach Sleepers - If you're not sure which to choose we typically recommend the Luxury Firm or the Firm. This will keep your spine in like and prevent curving in your lower back.

Side Sleepers - If you're on the fence about these two firmness options, we recommend going with the softer option of the two. Typically, we see people prefer more "give" in the surface and a softer mattress can help relieve pressure by contouring to the curves of your body.

Plus Size Sleepers - When a heavier person contacts us we recommend a firmer mattress. Plus size sleepers tend to prefer a firmer feel in terms of comfort, as well, since plush mattresses generally feel too soft. All of our mattresses are more than capable of supporting a plus size sleeper, however, a firmer mattress will give the heavier sleeper the sensation of more support. Again, keep in mind that all 3 of our firmness levels utilize the same innerspring system, which is where the mattress gets its support. The HD foam comfort layers on top of the spring are where the soft and firm options come from.

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