5 of 5 stars  Couldn't ask for a better mattress at this price

Amazing mattress. Delivery and setup went very smoothly. Very comfortable bed and I love that this mattress uses Certipur foam and doesn't offgass like most of the all memory foam mattresses (google "offgassing memory foam mattress")

- Review by J Bennett
          5 of 5 stars  Super comfortable, more than fair price

Quite comfortable mattress, very affordable price. You can tell it is a quality mattress from the weight of it and the weight of the optional foundation - was very, VERY impressed with the quality of wood and workmanship on the foundation. Was able to easily move the mattress and foundation, just me and my husband. Very good customer service, I asked a question via email and had an answer less than 20 minutes later.

- Review by Debra Cain
          5 of 5 stars  Switched from Tempurpedic Mattress to Aviya - much more comfy and making the bed isn't a pain in the a$$ anymore!

We were sleeping on a Tempurpedic and find the Aviya to be much more comfortable (not to mention it doesn't kill your back to make the bed!). We are very happy with our Aviya and have been recommending them to all of our friends.

- Review by Steph Cole
          5 of 5 stars  Unbelievable mattress!

The entire purchasing process, from initial research to delivery of my mattress could not have gone more smoothly. After doing a bit of research, it was clear I wasn't going to find a mattress of this quality for >$1000 anywhere online. The website is very informative, is easy to navigate, and it was simple to checkout. I did phone Aviya before making my final order just to be sure as this is a big purchase to make online from a new company. Very quickly, a very polite young woman was very eager to help me with any final questions I had, and she sealed the deal (I think her name was Allison? - Whoever she is give that girl a commision check! I got an email immediately following my order letting me know when the mattress would arrive and was kept in constant communication with throughout the process. I've now been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks and absolutely love it, planning on ordering a full sized Aviya for my teenager's birthday.

- Review by Ginny Murphy
          5 of 5 stars  The price can't be beat for this quality.

Normally I might not take a chance on a newer mattress company like Aviya but after staying the weekend with my daughter and son-in-law, I had to know what kind of mattress I was sleeping on. After they informed me it was an Aviya (never heard of it prior but glad I have now) I did some research and found some very positive reviews. That combined with the price point and the 100 day trial was enough for me to give it a try - boy am I glad we did! I knew I would love it since I got to try one at my daughters house, but i was still a little skeptical. It's nice to see more online mattress companies popping up that don't sell foam-only mattresses for those of us who still prefer something with springs. If this sounds like something you're looking for I highly suggest you give Aviya a shot.

- Review by Emily Miller
          5 of 5 stars  Awesome mattress!

Terrific value for a mattress of this quality, you can feel it the second you lie down on it. Even the material on the top of the bed (below where your sheets cover) feels very soft, you could probably sleep on it without sheets if you had to. Very nice attention to detail, doesn't feel like this mattress cost less than $1,000 but I'm not complaining!

- Review by Jim Godwin
          4 of 5 stars  Enjoying our new mattress!

Great mattress. We are both sleeping much better. I would give it a full 5 stars but my wife thinks it's a little too firm. We ordered the firm though, so I'm thinking about ordering the luxury firm option and if she likes it better and I can tolerate it I will just move this one into the guest bedroom. Overall, this mattress is well made and is a great deal for the money. I can proudly say I will never step foot into another mattress store ever again!

- Review by Bill Conley
          4 of 5 stars  Very Happy with the mattress

After hours of debating and time wasted in mattress stores, I decided to try out the Aviya. Reasonable price, 100 night trial, I decided to put this mattress on one of my "extra" credit cards and take a chance. Very happy I did. I have suffered back problems for years and while this didn't get rid of them, I do feel like I am getting more support and the pains definitely gotten better since after a few weeks of getting adjusted to the Aviya. Four stars.

- Review by Emily Z
          4 of 5 stars  Great for the price

For the price, this is definitely a solid mattress. I recommend getting the foundation as well because it is a very nice for the money and I figure it might not be a bad idea just in case I ever have to file a warranty (you don't have to use their foundation to make a warranty claim but it has to be "comparable"...for the price though you probably can't find something comparable, it's very well built foundation). Overall I would reccomend this mattress to those looking to get a higher quality mattress at a reasonable price. There are probably nicer mattresses out there, but you have to spend quite a bit more.

- Review by Leah Carr
          5 of 5 stars  The entire shopping experience was awesome.

Shipping was super easy, showed up in a truck and the delivery drivers were very pleasant. I opted for the white glove delivery which was a little bit more but well worth it as they brought it up to the second floor of my house (it's not easy getting up there as the stairwell is kind of short) and wouldn't even accept a tip! As far as the mattress goes, it's by far the best mattress I've ever had, even though I have paid almost twice this before from those sleazy mattress stores...We went with the "luxury firm" option as my partner prefers a firm bed but i prefer a really plush one. We're happy and I think the "luxury firm" is a great compromise for those looking for something that feels soft but also offers support. We've been sleeping like babies since the Aviya arrived! Highly recommend.

- Review by Ian Webster
          5 of 5 stars  This bed is very comfortable!

This mattress is extremely comfortable. We spent all last year sleeping on a cheaply made mattress and suffered constant back and neck problems. Sleeping on an Aviya mattress has left us with literally no pain (both of us). We had entered the wrong street address for shipping and didn't realize it until the day of delivery...luckily we made a quick call to Aviya, a real person answered, and within a half-hour the mattress was delivered to our correct address. How's that for customer service? We bought the foundation as well, which seems like a great deal considering how heavy it is and that we didn't even have to pay any shipping charges whatsoever. This is a great bargain, we are both very pleased with our purchase and will be buying an Aviya for our guest room next fall.

- Review by Hannah Post
          5 of 5 stars  If you don't know what to get, get this

Online mattress shopping is pretty difficult too, so if you don't know what to get, get this. I look all over and finally just pulled the trigger. It's awesome!

- Review by Gina Reyes
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