5 of 5 stars  Dorm livin'

Unfortunately I had to get a twin because I'm in a dorm, but that's the only negative thing about this! Couldn't be happier with the mattress.

- Review by Jo Tyler
          5 of 5 stars  What's not to love?

A great price and my twins love it. Can't ask for more than making the kiddos happy and not spending too much doing it :)

- Review by Courtney Paul
          5 of 5 stars  it's a real mattress only online

This is definitly the real deal mattress. it's not rolled up, it's like a mattress you'd get in a mattress store, except you don't have to go to the store. To me, that's a plus. I'd add an extra star just for that if I could!

- Review by Alice Armstrong
          5 of 5 stars  Very well constructed

It was delivered to my door in a box (a mattress sized box, not condensed). The top seems to cradle me but I'm still getting support (not just sinking) I haven't slept this well in years! I wanted to take off work the next day.

- Review by Susan Bush
          5 of 5 stars  Fits Us Both

I generally prefer a firm mattress and my partner likes a soft bed. As it turns out, we're both very happy with this mattress. (we got luxury firm, middle option)

- Review by Edmund Gardner
          5 of 5 stars  Check box spring height!

Mattres is perfect. Only thing I didn't realize is I should have got a 5" box spring not a 9". I put the box spring and mattress on and now my bed is really tall... to the point where it's funny to look at. Anyway, I'll probably switch it our for a 5" box spring and I'll be sleep at normal person heights again.

- Review by Blake Guzman
          5 of 5 stars  Better than my Saatva

My first question was "what is the top layer made of" because I swear on my Saatva is made of concrete. lol. I have to pay to return that one (they don't offer free returns) but I got this instead. It's comfy for sure and I got plush just to be sure it wasn't too firm.

- Review by Pat Palmer
          5 of 5 stars  The real deal

My friend got one and was talking about it. I just moved to a new apartment after graduating and thought I should get a king bed to treat myself. Very satisfied.

- Review by Guy Foster
          5 of 5 stars  Foam wasn't good, this is

I had this foam mattress I bought on amazon for a month. First few weeks were fine then my back hurt. I've never had back pain. Basically it was a foam piece of crap I was sinking into. Luckily amazon gave me all my money back and I did research to know I needed springs, not just foam in a mattress. Got this one, back pain gone and sleeping well. Really glad I got my money back from my last mattress disaster to get a great one here!

- Review by Alicia Lee
          5 of 5 stars  Budget luxury never felt so good

I've been having a hard time pulling the trigger on a new mattress and I didn't want to spend thousands, which I figured it cost. Every one I try and the store and like is that price. So I saw Aviya is suppose to be just as nice but half the cost. Give it a shot, its true. I really am happy sleeping in mine.

- Review by Clint Jackson
          5 of 5 stars  Glad I went with Aviya

I ordered a Firm California King mattress from Aviya 2 months ago. My experience with customer service was great, the bed was delivered on time and it was ready to go in 5 minutes upon delivery to my home - which was free. The quilted top is really comfortable and I really like the edge support of this mattress - you can tell that a lot of thought went to the design of this mattress. 2 months and it still feels great!

- Review by Fred Terry
          5 of 5 stars  No more back pain

My old mattress sagged so much and it was less than 5 years old. I needed a replacement that wasn't an arm and a leg since I already tried that. Can't believe how much nicer the Aviya is! I love the feel of the luxury firm - its a perfect medium between plush and firm. So comfy and I dont wake up with back pain anymore

- Review by Howard Frank
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