5 of 5 stars  Online chat good service

Online chat talked to me for 15 mins and answered tons of stuff. Helped me make right decison. I got luxury firm and am happy!

- Review by Krista Warner
          4 of 5 stars  Just a TINY too firm

I'm still giving 4 stars. I'm sleeping great, but the initial feel is just a TINY bit too firm. It'll break in though and be perfect.

- Review by Alyssa Potter
          5 of 5 stars  My old was a black hole

After my last mattress basically become a black hole with me inside of it after 5 years I got a new Aviya. Sag free so far and feels great.

- Review by Delores Lloyd
          5 of 5 stars  The Great KING

A perfect king mattress for the price. Couldn't expect anything more!

- Review by Tommy Richards
          5 of 5 stars  Great Mattress!

I couldn't believe how nice this mattress is for its price! I would have paid $2000 for a mattress that feels this comfortable!

- Review by Terence Collins
          5 of 5 stars  Wonderful Product

I was at a hotel and reliazed how much more comfortable it was sleeping there than at home so I knew I had to do something. I got the plush and it definitly has that "hotel", sink-into-the-bed feel. Much better :)

- Review by Tabitha Rogers
          5 of 5 stars  Look no further

I did a lot of research and landed here. Trust me, don't waste days of your life like I did! Give Aviya a try.

- Review by Vicky Olson
          5 of 5 stars  LOVE this

This mattress exceeded my expectations and my wifes. I bought it, she was skeptical, no she's out like a light. And we are both sleeping better since we have my space in a king.

- Review by Tyler Rowe
          5 of 5 stars  Sleeping better

I can't say I've ever slept perfect so maybe reviewing mattresses isn't my strong-suite, but I'm sleeping better for sure and its very well constructed. A good product.

- Review by Tracy Meyer
          5 of 5 stars  Best I've Sleep On

Best one i've ever slept on. I guess I can't say I've tried them all, but I'm more than happy and sleeping great!

- Review by Cora Yates
          4 of 5 stars  I sleep great!

I've had my Aviya California King for 2 weeks now - so far so good! I hope it continue to feels this great for a long time!

- Review by Samuel Clarke
          5 of 5 stars  The ONE

OK, finding a mattress has been a pain the a$$. I'm glad I made the right choice... this is the one!

- Review by Christian P
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