5 of 5 stars  It Will Last

I can tell this will last our kids a long time. I'm going to get another for the guest room, too.

- Review by Stacey Day
          5 of 5 stars  Four (and a half) Stars

Just took a couple weeks to get use to it, but now that I have I'm very happy to picked Aviya.

- Review by Josh Green
          5 of 5 stars  Best King Mattress!

I ordered my king mattress because we recently moved and felt it was time to upgrade our old mattress. The Aviya King mattress had a great price point, good reviews, and I didn't feel like the other all foam mattresses were going to cut it. 2 months in and I love this mattress! its comfortable, responsive, and I sleep better than ever on it! Thanks Aviya!

- Review by Kristi Warren
          5 of 5 stars  Ordering process was smooth

We have had this about 2 weeks and can't complain. Daughter loves it.

- Review by Daisy G
          5 of 5 stars  Simple

A simple, comfortable mattress at a great price.

- Review by Harold Sims
          5 of 5 stars  Kids sleeping like babies (well better, babies don't sleep!)

My 2 kids love thier new mattress! Good for sleeping and apparently jumping on, too.

- Review by Olivia Lucas
          5 of 5 stars  Incredibly comfortable mattress!

We bought our Aviya California King mattress because the price was incredible and we figured that at the very worst, we could take advantage of the 100 Night Trial. I used the live chat feature to ask questions about delivery and the trial program - the customer service rep was helpful, nice and let me know everything I needed to know. Our mattress arrived on time and was ready for sleep in 5 minutes! We love the feel of the mattress and sleep soundly on it. We ordered the luxury firm - I would say it is a perfect medium - not too hard and not too soft. Its been a month and the mattress still feels great! Thank you Aviya for such a great mattress at such a great price!

- Review by Oliver Saunders
          5 of 5 stars  I'm a sleeping machine now

I may never get out.

- Review by Margarita Francis
          5 of 5 stars  I couldn't say more great things. They sent me WINE

OK, the mattress is awesome. But even better, I had the slightest problem and they sent me a bottle of wine for helping them out. Zappos-like customer service!

- Review by Traci Cunningham
          5 of 5 stars  I Needed Springs

I had a foam better and felt like I was sinking all the time. Couldn't "move" well in it either... (that's a downside). This is a real mattress, as advertised, and is perfect! Easy shipping, too.

- Review by Justin Thomas
          3 of 5 stars  The "firm" is too firm

OK, I did buy the firm (that's why I'm giving 3 stars) but it was too firm. Thinking of switching it out. Maybe it'll break in... they say it takes some time.

- Review by Sam
          5 of 5 stars  Great bed and affordable

Affordability brought me here but now I know its even better because its super comfortable. Highly recommended.

- Review by Jenny S
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