5 of 5 stars  We both love it!

I am so, so happy we decided to give the Aviya mattress a try. We figured we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. This mattress does not disappoint! From the beginning it has been comfortable, but at this point it is absolutely perfect! My husband and I both are amazed at how good we feel when we get up in the morning (despite us both having back issues). We would buy another one in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for a really, really nice mattress... we'll be back for another in 8-10 years!

- Review by Beatrice Ladley
          5 of 5 stars  

The firm, cal king mattress we ordered is exactly what we wanted. I have a bad back, and, at the risk of sounding to gushy, this mattress is the most comfortable mattress that I can remember sleeping on, and I have purchased some very expensive mattresses. The quality is excellent. Great customer service, and fast delivery. I recommend this company if you are looking to purchase a mattress.

- Review by Janet S
          5 of 5 stars  Now I'm Sleeping Good!

I had a Saatva and really wasn't happy with it. Very bouncy, hard and I wasn't sleeping well at all. So I did return that and in the process I began looking at competitors... that's when I found Aviya. So glad I did! I got the plush and it's wonderful! Great support, but very comfortable. Not bouncy like the Saatva was, more sturdy. Loving it.

- Review by Adam
          5 of 5 stars  A great buy. Fits my wife and me perfect.

I purchased my mattress on Amazon because I had an Amazon gift card. I was really happy to find out aviya sells on their website and amazon, too! The mattress has been perfect for my wife and me. She sleeps on her stomach, and I'm more on my back, but the luxury firm is ideal for both of us. Super happy we made this decision!

- Review by Pat
          5 of 5 stars  Big Guy

So after having four mattress sets in 8 years of marriage my wife and I were at our wits end! Tried the memory foam fad, innersprings, then even individual side firmness innerspring. I began looking online at the Saatva mattress. Then looking at the Ghost Beds. But after weeks of looking and researching I settled on the Aviya and am so glad I have. I am a big guy 325-350lbs stomach sleeper and the king size luxury firm is the best bed I have ever slept in hands down. My wife (140lbs) back sleeper loves it just as much. Cant speak to the longevity of the mattress yet but expect it will hold up well as it is clearly made very well. If you go elsewhere to buy a mattress I really feel you will miss out on something really great so do yourself a favor and at least try it! Troy, OH Actual customer

- Review by Carl Brush
          5 of 5 stars  Quick & Comfortable

I jumped on live chat to ask some questions before ordering and was pleased to find out that aviya recently switched to a shipping company that was super quick. I ordered my mattresses and had it in 4 days (I'm in CO). It's super comfortable. I'll buy another online if I need one knowing it'll get to me so quickly! Easier than the store, that's for sure.

- Review by Allison S
          5 of 5 stars  No Regrets, Sleeping Well!

I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I did my research and decided to buy an aviya. It's well made (you can tell sleeping on it) and has great support and comfort. Super happy with my decision!

- Review by Ken Hayes
          5 of 5 stars  Five Star Mattress, Three Star Price!

I highly recommend Aviya mattress. More companies should be like them - high quality mattress, low overhead, fair price = happy customers. It's not brain surgery! Thank you Aviya.

- Review by Mary Thomas
          5 of 5 stars  Incredibly easy to find mattress information and purchase online - free shipping is a bonus.

Researching this mattress online was very easy. Shipping was awesome, delivered in a truck by a delivery service and it was ready to go immediately - no down time for the mattress to expand or any of that other online mattress crap. Very happy to purchase a real mattress at a fair price. More of the online companies should look at Aviya on how to compete in the online mattress industry!

- Review by Amy Roberts
          5 of 5 stars  Unbeatable price for a mattress of this quality.

Last year we purchased a latex mattress that was over $2,000, which was nice but simply not worth the money. I will admit that my husband absolutely loved his latex mattress but my body never truly adjusted to it. This year we needed a new queen size mattress for a condo that we rent out in the summer. Decided to do extensive research and our goal was to find a quality queen sized mattress for under $1,000. Since this is for a rental property we didn't want something super expensive and we also didn't want a specialty bed - we basically wanted something with ""mass appeal"" like you'd find in a hotel.Somehow, we stumbled on Aviya. Since they had some good reviews and offered an innerspring hybrid for under $1,000, it seemed like a perfect fit. The 100 day trial sealed the deal, a lot of the other companies offer a similar trial but most of them are memory foam mattresses. We have a lot of different people staying in our rental, sometimes four or five different families in the same month during busy summer tourist months so we just wanted something simple, comfortable, reliable and durable. We pulled the trigger on the Aviya due to the price, 100 night trial period, and innerspring construction.The Aviya mattress is so comfortable that my husband, who previously swore by the latex mattress, just ordered a California King Aviya (he's 6'6"") for our master bedroom. He is going to give our $2,000+ latex mattress to our son and daughter in law. "

- Review by Alicia Zimmer
          5 of 5 stars  This is an extremely comfy bed. Can't remember the last time I slept this well.

The mattress is EXTREMELY comfy. I literally can't remember the last time I slept this well. Delivery was quick and easy. I recommend Aviya to anyone looking for a high quality mattress for under a grand.

- Review by Josh Carter
          5 of 5 stars  Excellent choice.

It's been two weeks that we've been sleeping on the Aviya and it's been a wonderufl transition. We were kind of concerned about ordering online because we weren't sure which of the three firmness options to get, but after talking to the girl on the phone we went with the luxury firm, which most of their customers end up ordering according to her. Was very surprised at how strong the outside edge of the mattress are, clearly very well reinforced and you get to use that much more of your mattress. We were on a Queen before and ordered a replacement Queen but it feels much bigger due to the fact that we can utilize the entire surface of the bed. Be aware that if you need them to remove your old mattress you will need to opt up for the "white glove" delivery but its not a bad price considering they also will bring the mattress into any room in your house. We're very happy. Will buy an Aviya again next time we need a mattress for whatever reason.

- Review by Juan DeSoto
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